Basel, Herbst 2013

This collection of photographs represents the work of Shay Assaf and me on the topic of documenting change whithin the context of 2013 edition of the co-create workshop week of the University of Applied Arts in Basel.



The focus of the collection is put on their raw view, regarding the documentation of change within the area of the construction site of the new HGK campus in Basel Dreispitz. It is also an attempt to show a new perspective by choosing an automatic interval shooting, taking a photograph every thirty seconds. By this we minimize our freedom of action and give more importance to coincidence. The pictures also observe the act of change from right where it occurs as the cameras are mounted to the workers‘ helmets.


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Concept by Christoph Buomberger and Shay Assaf. Photos by Carmelo Gullota and José Alfredo Sampaio Correira.