Basel, Frühling 2016

Inspired by the designs of Wohnbedarf AG from the nineteen-thirties, we developed contemporary pieces of everyday furniture for our bachelor thesis. These pieces are affordable, not due to the usage of inexpensive materials, but rather because of their efficient production and clever design. The frame of the folding chair consists of a single steel tube which has been machined with a laser tube cutter. The front and rear legs have been crafted out of a single piece, the result being minimal material wastage. In the next step of the process, the pieces are welded to together from the inside, thus eliminating the need for time- and cost-intensive sanding. The seat surface and backrest are cut out of standard parts which are fabricated from existing pressing tools. In this way, we can avoid high investment costs and are able to handle small production series. 



This project was a collaboration with Tobias Pfister.

Special Mention, Pure Talents Contest, IMM cologne 2017